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  4. sooo i’m going to asia in january….

    and my families natural response is to send me links to 10 different articles about the global spread of Ebola…. okay?


  5. homies….


    If anyone has been trying to get ahold of me via my phone your attempts are futile….. Sorry I didn’t post anything earlier. I hope nobody has been pissed about unanswered calls or texts. Message me on here or email me for the time being. Hope all is well in the world : )

    yesss this song and dance again….


  6. why are people so hell bent on living forever?

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    Decolonize Columbus: Indigenous Peoples’ Day 

    Celebrate Something Worth Celebrating. 

    Indigenous Peoples’ Day
    Monday, October 13, 2014

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  8. Anonymous said: We are willing to pay double for couple shows!!

    i keep getting messages like this….. and it’s fucking annoying so knock it the fuck off.


  9. bay area folks….

    We’ll be mobbin to mission tonight if any ones around lemme know…and then I’ll be in the east bay till Thursday. My phones not working tonight but tomorrow it will be back in commission.

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    Sonja Braas - The Passage / Week 01-26, 2009-2011

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    A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Corey Arnold

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  14. alek wek being a goddess for vogue paris, 1999

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